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One thing you have to remember, its not always about horsepower. Some of those mods not only had a little hp, but they open up trapped power. You can have 200hp but if its not flowing right you don't make the best of it. My Jetta had 175hp stock. With a chip, intake, and cat-back exhaust it added maybe 20-25 hp(mostly from the chip). But what it did for the mid range power and take off was amazing. My friend has a Honda Si. The owner before him had put a cheap *** exhaust muffler on it. He took the time and money and put in a full exhaust. Headers to tip. It didn't add that much HP, maybe 5 or so, but now the car is a freakin beast. I almost lost control of it because it opened up so much torque that it yanked the wheel outta my hand. So yeah it may not always add allot of HP but it definatly makes vehicals perform better.

By the way, do you know what part number they used for your short shifter? I wanna pick one up for myself.
Man would love an LSD but thats expensive. Will probably wait till after I get a supercharger and upgraded clutch.

Hey scion scene, where did you get a engine damper?
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