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Philly International Auto Show

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The philly auto show is coming soon. The show starts on the 2nd of Febuary and runs till the 10th.
Tickets are $10 for adults when purchased online, $2 more if purchased onsite. Plus tickets purchased online are valid for anyday of the show you like.
Tickets for kids 7-12 are $6 and kids 6 and under are free.
Tickets for kids 12 and under on the 10th of Febuary(last day of show) are free.
Here is the website.

I would love to meet up with some of you at the show and talk cars. If anyone is interested let me know and we can pick a day to meet up at the show. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all good days for me.

Looks like Scion has 2, yes 2 displays at the show. Based on the map I am looking at they have one in the tuner section and a regular one.
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