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I'm selling some items I no longer need as my pioneer stereo died and I'm swapping to the new kenwood 6180. Prices will be listed at the bottom of the page.

I have 2 peswips steering wheel controls, 1 new, 1 used. The new one is bluetooth compatible, the used is not.

I also have a used pioneer cdsb10 sirius sat radio adapter, you will still need the scc1 to receive the satellite signal.

A peripheral pioneer ip-bus aux input plug (plugs into aux jack)

I also have dj hero 2 w/turntable. I got it for xmas, played it about 5 times, I suck at music games so please take it off my hands.

Wii Fit, brand new, my parents got it for my wife for xmas after we told them not to (shes pregnant) and will never use it so please please buy this lol.

I also have a rockford fosgate 360.2, never used but I hooked it up 1 time. I'm not really interested in selling it, I'm just testing the waters to see what kind of REASONABLE offers I get.

I dont have pics of the used cdsb10, the used peswips because they r still installed in my car until later this week.

$40 obo - pioneer cdsb10
$10 ip bus aux plug
$30 obo used peswips
$70 obo peswips
$75 obo brand new wii fit plus
$50 obo DJ Hero 2 & turntables
$400 obo fosgate 360.2

Don't be scared to make offers either, I dont use this stuff anymore.
If I dont sell this stuff on here it will be going on ebay in about a week so please take it off my hands. I have paypal, I'll be checking this thread a few times a day as long as I'm not at work.
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