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Hey all, I'm not a car expert that I wish I was :(. I have a couple of questions regarding the AVIC F900BT (I think it's the one that is installed in the latest RS). I tried searching for some info on the forums but either came up empty handed or a little bit more confused.

I currently have the base OEM unit installed. I would like to install the F900BT. My plan is to just get it installed by my local Toyota Dealership, who said the installation price would be under $70.

One of my question is in addition to the F900 head unit, what else do I need to get? I currently use my ipod with my radio and it is my understanding that my current connector will be disabled. I saw that the ipod connection is now in the glove compartment and was wondering if there would have to be more mods (like cuts and stuff) that would let the cables reside in the compartment?

I'm just confused as to whether the F900 would fit in perfectly or if it would require some modifications to make it flush and clean looking. It fits perfectly in in the RS XB2 but am wondering about it fitting into my 2009 XB2.

Also, does that installation price sound reasonable? Should it be easy for them since they have a vehicle with the same unit?

Finally, last 2 questions, where is the GPS unit & antenna installed? If anyone has done the same thing, how do you like it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

Thank you for your help!

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I am answering part of your questions:

Besides the head unit,

1) You need a steering wheel control cable, so you can control the vol., etc the buttons on your steering wheel to the unit.

2) Another ipod cable to play (hook to) your ipod, which you can tell the installer where do you want your ipod to hook up at.

3) You do need a fit kit so, your head unit will fit right on the center and it would be just like what you saw.

You can get all that at, or even Best Buy. $70 bucks? I think is a reasonable deal, I asked Best Buy once and a local electronic place quoted me $200 and $130. I actually want the F700 unit instead of F900 since I don't need the DVD function. But I have not got it yet since I will spend the money on CAI and Sway bar.

Hope it helps.
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