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I installed some Alpine SPS-600's in both the front and rear and found the following things out about adding different speakers.

1. Set the SSP to FLAT or the rear speakers will just be wasted. The other SSP setting (TC, XB, XD, Hear, Neutral, Feel) all seem to cut the rear speaker highs response and reduces the volume level. Even changing the fader does not help.

2. Aftermarket speakers will generally not be as efficient as the stock speaker so they won't be as loud. However you can't run the front speakers without the front tweeters because of the passthrough wiring. This causes the stock tweeters to have too much high mids and harsh highs when the rest of the speakers are normal volume. I tried three options to fix this. a.) I cut the wires to the tweeters but then the imaging was not very good because the speakers are in the bottom of the doors. b.) Tried adding 3ohms of resistance (all the resistors I had) using power resistors but it didn't have much effect. c.) I settled for reversing the polarity of the tweeters which reduced the volume and harshness while still maintaining the imaging.

The SPS-600 have plenty of tight bass reponse but if you really like bass you will need a sub woofer. Mids and highs are much more balances with SSP set to flat than the stock speakers in any setting.
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