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Please help???

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Long story short got a used Scion xb 2008 didn't notice during inspection that the head lights had issues, car is as it, no warranty this is the only issue we have. In photos you will see that our low beam lights are really low and don't project very well, i replaced the ones in the car cause i thought maybe they were going with the yellowish ones you see. Still nothing, the other photo is with the high's on those seem to be fine. Any one can help me understand what's going on here? Is this something i should take to get repaired? Any help would be great


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Have you tried adjusting the headlight angle? They may not be aimed correctly, the light color has more to do with what type of bulb you use.
See this link on how to adjust headlights:
Adjusting Headlights -
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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