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Possible future problem?

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Well, I used to drive a 2002 Spec V (and no, its not a "spec 5" like all the ******** liked to call it here in KY :p )

Anyway, I just remembered that the spec v had a header with a catalytic converter built into it....and THEN I remembered that alot of people had problems with the cat decomposing....and flowing through the exhaust valves into the engine....(after many, many miles of serious driving)

Now...this may have just been a flawed design....but Its enough to make me seriously consider that strup header.

Thoughts, ideas, peanut gallery comments? All are welcome in my threads :D

EDIT : If this has been covered in a TSB I apologize, feel free to delete.
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Never heard of this problem with ANY Toyota/Lexus/Scion, must be a Spec V issue.
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