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Previous cars you have owned.

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Ok so I am curious about what types of cars everyone has owned before there current one. I am 30 and have had quite a few cars, where my sister has only had 4 cars total in her life. She actually still owns her 2nd car.

My list

1986 1/2 Nissan Hardbody
1992 Isuzu Amigo
2000 VW Jetta VR6
1998 Chevy Camaro
1974 Chevy Camaro (same time as the 98)
1998 Ford Ranger
1992 Jeep Wrangler
2000 VW Jetta VR6 (current)
and hopefully soon a new xB or maybe xP if they make it.
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oh boy.

1964 vw bug, shortened pan, myers manx body, 1641cc dual port, 110 cam, zenith carb, stinger exhaust, custom lavender base coat, purple flames feathered in mauve with blue tips.
1966 vw squareback, pearl white, 1776 dual port, dual weber 44s, Porsche 5 spokes.
1969 vw squareback, same engine as the one above, jet black.
1976 mg midget, british racing green. bone stock, and always in the garage for repairs.
1972 ford van, faded blue, 302 and a 3 on the tree. full carpet, porthole windows, wood paneled, futon mattress, dual exhaust, traction bars, and a sick set of vintage wheels.
1975 bmw 2002, dark blue, alpine system
1979 kawasaki 750
1980 honda cx500 custom
1956 hillman station wagon
1992 toyota tercel
1978 fiat 1800 spyder
1994 honda vfr750F
1985 bmw 318i
2000 toyota echo
2003 toyota matrix
2005 scion tC
2005 scion xB

and the current rides in the sig.

i dont think i left anything out, but i cant be sure. we went through a lot of cars. oh, 1985 toyota cressida. and if you count the old heavy steel stuff, a sprinkling of late 30's, 40's and 50's street rods.

next is a lotus.
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Oh boy... this is gonna take some major brain power :)

1969 VW Beetle with auto-stick transaxle
1967 VW Beetle with the engine from the '69, after it got smashed right in front of my house
1984 custom Chevy van
1987? custom Chevy van
1987? Chrysler LeBaron (he-he-- caught on fire after I signed it over to my ex, and no, it was NOT me)
1978? Chevy Chevette
1986 Hyundai Excel (what a piece of carp that one was)
1973 VW Beetle that I had for almost 14 years!
1997 Ford Taurus
1999 Ford Taurus wagon, becaue the other Taurus was too small for a growing family
1988 Chevy Celebrity another P.O.S.
1997 Chevy Lumina
2001 VW Beetle (diesel!) I sure hated to give that one up. In fact, it was mine up until Thanksgiving of this year
2008 Scion xB

Currently in the stable:
1997 Taurus Wagon
2008 Scion xB

Oh, and 2 motorcycles that I can remember. There might be a third in there
1984 Kawasaki 400
1992 Honda Nighthawk 650... what a sweet ride that one was.
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82 Toyota Supra (1992-93)
93 Honda Civic Si hatchback (1993-96 totalled it)
96 Honda Civic Si coupe (1996-97)
93 Suzuki VX800 (motorcycle, 1996-2000)
96 Mazda Miata (1999-2000)
97 Nissan Maxima SE (2000-2007)
08 Scion Xb
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in order purchased as far as i can remember:

1973 Datsun 1600 truck - orange
1976 Datsun 1600 truck - blue
1970 El Camino - w/ 350 short block - gold
1967 Camaro - w/ 350 short block w/ racing cam - midnight blue
1974 Jeep CJ7 - yellow
1970 VW bus - w/ custom tubular front/back bumpers - sunshine yellow
1981 Nissan Sentra - white
1975 Toyota Dolphin camper - white
1975 Toyota Corolla - blue
1965 Dodge Dart - beige
1964 Lincoln Continental [wish i had kept this one] - black
1974 Ford Escort - blue
1984 Ford Escort - white
1996 Mercury Sable - dark green
2004 Scion xB - Polar White :)
2004 Toyota Solara - Pearl White
2008 Scion xB - Super White :rockon:

i think these are all of the vehicles i have owned so far ;)
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I'm only 22, so my list is a bit shorter and it will stay short for a while as I now have my xB!

1996 Toyota Corolla (July 2003-August 2005, Totalled ;'()
1993 Honda Prelude (October 2005-April 2006)
1998 Acura Integra (May 2006-October 2007)
2008 Scion xB (October 2007-Present)
Rhombus said:
I'm only 22, so my list is a bit shorter and it will stay short for a while as I now have my xB!

1996 Toyota Corolla (July 2003-August 2005, Totalled ;'()
1993 Honda Prelude (October 2005-April 2006)
1998 Acura Integra (May 2006-October 2007)
2008 Scion xB (October 2007-Present)
how does your xB handle compared to your Integra Rhombus?
yanges said:
how does your xB handle compared to your Integra Rhombus?
Never hear of an Integra Rhombus.... :naughty:

Amazing what lack of punctuation can do, eh?
Sorry Yanges! Actually the xB does really well in comparison... of course you have more of a tuner feel in the integra, but the xB has such a low center of gravity for the type of vehicle that it is that I'm loving it. I love the extra room too... although my integra was fully loaded and that was nice... leather seats and a sunroof would have been nice things to have in my xB... I sometimes miss my integra because it was such a low profile car... there are quite a few out there and it just sneaks through traffic so nicely... but I never miss it as an alternative to my new xB! Only in addition... if I could afford both, I'd have both :)
Ford full size P/U = junk
Honda CRX = Nice car "fast"
Nissan P/U deisel= nice truck
Nissan P/U = nice truck
Nissan P/U = nice truck
Isuzu P/U = Crap bought new 98 traded 22 months later
GMC full size P/U = nice truck
2004 Xb = sweet ride :D
2008 Xb = sweet ride :D :D
I am sure I had others but these ones stuck in the memory
nice thread... here we go...
not in order...

80 toyota corolla sr5 fastback
82 mazda 626 5spd man.
? nissan pulsar coupe
89? nissan maxima
98? geo storm
95 toyota tercel
82 chevrolet monte carlo 229 v6
79,80,83,85, chevrolet monte carlo 305 v8
2-70 chevrolet monte carlo 350 v8
? buick century sedan
89 s10 pick up
08 scion xb (daily driver)
94 s15 jimmy
82 chevrolet monte carlo (lowrodder project car)
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Not in order

1st car was a 74 Olds 98 white
87 Horizon silver
78 Z28 blue
74 LeMans green
Safari minivan maroon
96 Avenger red
97 Jeep Grand Cherokee white
99 Rockwood Conversion van white

71 Delorean (never got to drive)
31 Model A blue
these 2 were left to me by my dad and sat in storage for years and the Delorean got vandalized (I sold it for 3g) the ModelA was indoor storage, nice condition, ran, but I had nowhere to store, so sold it for 7g.

Ford Pickup tan(70s)
Olds Achieva blue(hated it) (80s)
Grand Prix purple (early 70s)
Ford Granada silver (75 I think)

just remembered, 94 Z24 red and fun as heck to drive!

forgot another! 98 Olds Cutlass. Loved that ride!
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wow that sucks about your dads delorean shancopp...not many people can say they've driven a delorean. anywho...short and not very sweet...i'm only 20 so not much history yet...

87 Sable Wagon
92 Topaz
96 Roadmaster Sedan LT1...(incredible improvement over the mercury's)
08 xB

hopefully a brand new sierra denali in black when i graduate in a couple of years... :thumbsup:

awesome thread btw...
My list is kinda extensive... been modding cars for a very very long time

1986 Pontiac Firebired Special Edition
1990 Chrysler Laser (Eclipse)
1991 Honda CRX
1993 Honda Civic Si Turbo-Charged
1995 Honda Accord widebody
1995 Acura Integra GSR JDM front end, full show, carbon fiber audio system
1998 MBZ C280 Sport
1996 MBZ E320 Sport 1st WALD body kit in US
1998 MBZ ML320 1st WALD widebody kit and 20" HRE wheels
1999 MBZ E55 RBtech full performance mod 380 hp
2001 MBZ E55 Brabus prepped
2001 MBZ CLK430 Cabriolet Lorinser body kit, wheels, full system (mag cover car)
2001 MBZ ML55 HRE 20s, full audio system
2001 BMW 528iT BBS 19s
1999 Lexus GS400 20" Volk wheels, VIP style
2003 MBZ E500 Brabus prepped
2005 Mitsubishi EVO VIII HKS, Cusco, Injen sponsored (Modified Mag feature car)
2003 Lexus GS300 BBS 19s, VIP style
2004 Infiniti FX45 22" wheels
2004 Lexus LS430 full WALD body kit, 20" Volk wheels, full system
2004 Lexus RX330 20" Volk wheels
2004 Lexus SC430 Wald prepped
2006 MBZ CLK430 (stock)
2006 Lexus GS430 19" wheels, lowered
2003 Infiniti G35, 10 stage kandy paint, 5zigen 20s, street mod
2004 Scion xB full show, full lighting, Scion Night display vehicle
2008 Scion xB (current project)
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well my list is definately not as long as most....

1986 Ford Mustang (1st car)
1991 Ford Escort (Purchased brand new and drove for 14 years)
1982 Nissan 280ZX (Always loved them)
2001 Mitsubishi Diamante
2008 xB
I'm only 19 so my list isnt as colorful as your guys. lol

1993 Geo Storm - It was pink aswell but what i saved in gas $$ made up for the color until i blew it up.
1989 Ford Ranger- Blue nice pick up till the fuel pump went bad.
1997 Chevy Cavalier z24- Red ole reliable only problem is i got a hole in the exhaust.
I still have the following first two and cant seem to part from them :) But lost the last one :(

Not exact one but what it looks like as you can see from the picture after this one LOL

This is what my wife drives now to get kids to and from (again not exact one but really close to it)

And last the "Daddy Car"

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here is just a couple

do you see a pattern here....yes this is my first toyota

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