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I've decided to actually make a go of my pirate-theme pretty extensively.
I've been a HUGE fan of historical pirates for decades, far longer than the Pirates of the Caribbean film series . . .
I'm going after a more-or-less historical pirates, applied to a modern vehicle (so, some stuff will be more modern than historically correct). That is opposed to the "pop-pirate" phenomenon. One reason I am making a thread on here is that my tendency is to be uber-accurate . . . so, I would/will appreciate some "loosening up" of that tendency.
I have spent and do spend a HECK of a lot of time studying historical pirates and piracy, esp. the post-Queen Anne's War period of 1715-1722, when the most famous and interesting pirate characters lived (like Blackbeard, Stede Bonnet, Black Bart Roberts, Sam Bellamy, Condent, Vane, Rackham, and so forth). That is known as the "Golden Age of Piracy." I am also a historic reenactor for early 18th century maritime/sailor, so I look a LOT at what ready did and didn't happen and what was actually real.

The basic idea is to "theme" my xB into a pirate sloop, loosely based on a 17-teens pirate one. A sloop was a small, but very fast merchant vessel that primary was used in coastal and Caribbean trading, but also was used for transatlantic voyages. It was also the most commonly used vessel used by pirates in the period.
This is what a sloop looked like:

My concept is one painted gray/silver w/ red and black trim, and w/ red and black Wallace tartan/plaid sails. I've already converted a Playmobil ship to look like that (just need to finish the tartan sails) . . .

I'm finishing and redoing parts of my xB to better reflect that theme.

One characteristic is that the "pirate" stuff, historically, was subtle (mainly a flag, crowded crew, and more guns/cannons than normal). This was so that they could sneak up to a prize/victim and take them w/o the prey running away. Also, pirates then tried to intimidate the prey into surrendering w/ the least fight possible (and SELDOM sank the victim vessel, esp. risky shots BEFORE they could raid the cargo).
Therefore, the "piratey" stuff needs to be subtle-> no large skull and crossbones graphics across the hood, roof, or major windows-> only small ones.

I'm working on ideas and collecting all my various Pirate stuff, boats, reenactment kit, and so forth to see what I have and am planning a real pirate display for Sanitarium.
Pictures to follow tomorrow . . .
(Gotta get the camera out)

Also, I am finally deciding between KwikSilver and Rover as the vehicle name (as mentioned in another thread).
Rover is a direct and historical reference to what pirates of the GAoP referenced to themselves as (rovers or sea rovers), plus I "rove" around a lot and LOVE driving. (I love this name, but am somewhat concerned about people thinking "he really wanted a Land/Range Rover," when that isn't the case. That is like when I thought "JackRabbit" or "Jack's Rabbit," but dropped it b/c the famous VW product.)
KwikSilver is a more complex meaning mixing the multifacted of mercury (the messenger god, the metal, and so forth), the wonderful hotrods of the 1950s were Mercury was cool, and the fact it is quick and silver. The spelling is Anglo-Dutch (and period-correct), as the Dutch spelled it Kwikzilver and is one of a number of English spelling variations (English wasn't yet really standardized). Plus more. (I like this name)

Some of what I have/am thinking:
-Removable wood "deck" in the back, like the ones I use now when using the xB as a truck, made from wall paneling.
-Skulls on the ends of my roofrack rails (have these)
-Several small "trunks," some treasure and some other stuff (have)
-Number of plastic/toy period-correct replica flintlock pistols (have-> in chrome and black)
-Small swords (technically, hangers)-have
-Small scale Quakers (wooden cannons), 2' long (have)
-Several small skulls, just because
-Pirate flags above the vehicle (several types, sizes, and attachments based on context)- esp. this one:

(Comes from a French manuscript from 1730s-ish, actual date debated, so is period correct, interesting, and red)
-Roof lining is same as sails on models/drawings (Already done):

-Several shift knobs, interchangeable:
--- Satin black skull
--- Yellow skull, red details
--- Belaying pin head
(maybe more-have the above 3, done)

More coming to this thread . . .

Oh, and "Tartan Jack" IS a pirate-nickname, . . .
It came from some interpersonal ribbing on this forum/group: of (a pirate reenactment group, based in Baltimore Maryland)
With the curator of the Golden Hind replica-ship in Brixton, Devon, England, who goes by Foxe. It is humorous as it was a jab mixing my interest in Scottish stuff, tartans, and kilts w/ John "Calico Jack" Rackham- one of the most famous and more overrated pirates in history- whose nickname refers to his fondness and use of Calico patterned cotton from India in his clothing. I am often wearing tartan (almost always), and need to finish several reenactment pieces in plaid/tartan and my "real name" happens to also be John and the full name sounds like one from the period. It was meant in ribbing humor, but I liked it and adopted it.

Royal Floor Sweeper
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Exterior, as is:

The rack:

How the basket is offset, to center on the stripe:

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I like the red accents on the silver. The wide racing stripe is cool too.
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