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I was heading home from shopping today and had an idea . . .

I got my son a toy Yoda and noticed some odd similarities between Yoda's face and the front of an xB2.

Here is what one needs to do:
Paint the whole nose (or vehicle) an appropriate non-vibrant light green (color of Yoda's skin).
Get: and paint it body color (represent the wrinkles on Yoda's nose).
Leave the lower grill black (mouth)
Get upper and lower eyelids for the headlamps, paint lids body color
Paint the headlights white, with the area AROUND the projectors a bright green, with small darker green lines- makes Yoda's eyes.
If you want to go more, add airbrushed wrinkles, nose and hood (wrinkles on Yoda's forehead).

Also, if done on a WHITE xB, one may be able to use the bulk of the body as Yoda's hair. Just be sure to include the ears down the side of the doors.

Tans and browns.

I won't be able to do it, but it could be EXTREMELY cool looking!

Anyone interested in doing it?
Anyone have cool ideas to add?

Maybe, one could make a " special" Yoda-Box.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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