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pull to the right on acceleration

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my xB is my first front wheel drive - I've driven 'em before but always large, heavy things like chrysler vans.

One things I'm noticing with my xB is that when I hit the gas hard from a stop, there's a slight tendency to pull to the right.

Is this a normal behavior? It's kind of annoying. I don't see it other than on acceleration from stop, not during normal driving or breaking (not that I've noticed yet anyway). It does seem a bit more pronounced with my new rims/tires though.
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My 2010 5 speed has had a slight pull to the right ever since upgrading to 19" TRDs on the Proxes. When I had it in the alignment shop the owner told me I have a torque pull which is caused by the tires. He told me to swap the two front tires and see if the pullin goes away or switches sides.Sure enough I tried it and went away. So I just ignore it. Only notice it when takin off from a light in 1st pretty hard. Also the slightest slope in the road causes my front end to drift that way. The slightest ruts pull on the steering wheel.

One other thing, there's a few chassis brace/suspension bolts under the firewall area of the vehicle which seem to need tightening after 50k or so. I torqued all mine down and noticed slight difference in the front end. More solid. They do mention tighetning chassis bolts in the maintenance booklet.
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Ha. Ok good to know.

By the way, forgot to mention that my torque-steer I notice even with keeping the wheel steady in one spot - so if I am on a straight road going a constant speed, then accelerate while holding the wheel straight still, the car goes right pretty obviously. That is definitely not the road slope then of course but I don't know what that says beyond that.

@2010SWxb That's interesting and a good test to see if the tires were affecting things. I may have to do that to test as well, but of course move it back after. I'm starting a long driving trip next week to Yellowstone though so won't be checking for a while. I guess you don't have directional tires then because if so switching sides is a nono. The bolts you tightened is good to know. I'm pleasantly surprised that is in the manual.

Anyhoo I guess I'll just consider it the torque-steer that was always there and I'm just not noticing it since I paid close attention, and maybe the tire rotation had a slight effect also. Next time they're rotated I'll check again, lol, or I'll temporarily swap front tires as a test like 2010SWxb.

Ya my Proxes are directional, but I only had them swapped for a quick test. A difference in tread height between sides can cause a pull under acceleration.
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