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So this pulley went bad... 2008 Scion xB Drive Belt Idler Pulley - Dayco 89180 | StockWiseAuto

and its making an awful noise. I have the new part but simply taking out the 14mm bolt and putting the new pulley on is not an option. The frame is in the way and it looks like the engine has to come down an inch for the bolt to clear. I also though about removing the whole bracket the pulley is bolted too but those bolts are also too long and hit the frame as well.

It looks like my only other option is to lower the left side of the engine about an inch so i can get the bolt clear. Do i just remove the two top bolts on the left motor mount and lower the engine a bit with a jack? or is there a better way to do it? Im pretty mechanic savvy but I have not done this much with the engine on my car before.
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