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Pure Pricing for Maintenance?

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I bought my car used from a Subaru dealer with 8K miles on it, so please correct me if I’m wrong in away.
What I get out of Toyota’s pure pricing is that the price of the car and the add-on’s are not negotiable, the price is the price and add-on’s are also non negotiable and set at certain prices.
With that being said, there is no pure pricing for maintenance from dealer to dealer.
I called one dealer close to my house and asked for the price of the 15K mile check up and was quoted 129.00 then I called another dealer that is 12 miles from the house and found that they charge 64.00 for the same service (I’m sure you know which one I chose). I’ve seen on other threads here on this site where one dealership will install a part for 75.00 and another will charge 180.00.
In my opinion, I don’t think Toyota should have it both ways. They don’t haggle up front but are able to charge whatever they would like on the back end which is different from dealership to dealership.
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I was once sent a coupon for an oil change from my Toyota dealer. I don't own a Toyota but have 2 Scions. When My wife tried to use the coupon for her 1st Gen Xb she was told that the coupon only applied to toyota cars,because Scions use pure pricing.

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