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Push button, by a button on the dash, is simply activating the last connection on the key by hitting a button rather than twisting the key.
The simplest wiring would be to vampire-tap the correct wires (need a wiring diagram) and mount the button. That way, all the "normal" requirements (like key in ignition and clutch pushed in) are still there, so it is about the same but with a more "fun" step added.

Back when the S2000 came out with the "Big Red Button" starter, Miata owners liked it and copied. I have a version of it on mine I installed back then . . .
The above is how they mounted them on Miatae.
If using the above, BOTH the key and button work.
I remember those who JUST did the button (rerouted the ignition wires) found it irritating on a daily basis. The dual-ignition folks got the convenience of the key AND the fun of the button, whichever you want at the moment.
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