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Question about 2009 XB Limited Edition model

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The 2008 XB Scion had a Limited Edition model that offered a lot of value for around $22,000,
I forget the exact price.

I loved the car and all the nice extras that were included for the price.

But no matter how much I liked the car, I could not stomach the gold color.

Does anyone know if there will be a 2009 Limited Edition model and if the color has been announced?
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Welcome to the site! You're talking about the Release Series - yes, there will be one for 2009, but the color is still not known, AFAIK....
Welcome! It's gonna be a surprise what color and what goodies it'll have. I'm anxious to see it too. I've seen where some think it will be green (some shade of).
Yeah, the rumor is that it will be green, like the one pictured on the 2008 brochure (accessory brochure maybe?).
The base on the 2008 RS 5.0 was $18500, gold paint, upgraded fabric, sun roof, and Kenstyle body kit. Some dealers added fog lights, lowering springs, front and rear struts, and the navigation system - that brought the price up to about $22,000.
I haven't heard the rumor of green yet. I have heard that it might be blue like SCVscions is . A sort of subaru blue. I kinda hope its green so I won't be when it comes in the blue I would love to have.
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