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I am starting to do the stereo build in my 08 xB and have a question about a bracket that is under the dash and "in my way" so to speak and if anyone knows what the purpose is.

Under the dash on both the drivers and passengers side there is a 90* bracket that goes from the firewall to the outside/kick panel. Its not very big, it's bolted to the firewall with 2 bolts and the side/kick panel with 2 bolts and I'm not 100% sure if its structural or if its there as a brace. Anyone have any ideas as to the purpose of these brackets and if I can remove them or do I have to fabricate new ones to get it flush to the firewall and made smaller to get them out of the way.

If you don't know what the bracket is I can snap a few pics during my lunch break and get them up to show.

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