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(im actually not new to this board just lost my login old one was DJ_Frozone_

Ok guys so i been on here for a bit but haven't done much since i got the '10 xb to my liking.

90k miles later from starting at 300 im Looking for a new one.

Was looking at the mazda 3 and GTI but honestly I just like the box. (its also cheaper)

So I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the factory TRD options. This time around I'm not really doing much to the vehicle besides just driving it. No more laying on the ground in the middle of winter fixing something i broke.

Im planning on loading it.

TRD shocks
Rear sway ( I will take my tanabe tower strut off my current xb.)
Quick Shifter
Clutch Kit
TRD Exhaust (even though its stupid expensive)

Tenzo cai (cause im not paying 400 for a K&n filter box with a TRD Logo) and strup header and trevors throttle body mod will follow on to the new one.

So anyone have any experience with the bigger items like the shocks/shifter. I have ridden on the trd springs for years. I like it but i was wondering if it would be even more comfortable and stable with the matching TRD shocks.

The other two vehicles i was looking at come with better components out the box than the xb, so i figure with these add ons performance and comfort ability should be raised to their level.

Also whats the difference between bespoke and bespoke premium don't really understand what the extra grand is for.

Thanks guys!
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