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OK now here is the thing I must state first. I am not looking for a high end super sounding system. I just like good music. Now I listened to the system a little during a test drive, but nothing that has let me get used to the quality of the xB's stereo. So the plan I have without actually knowing if I wanna do this yet is this. I have a cadence componete speaker set. I ran cadence in my Rangers, and in my Wrangler and I love them. I am happy with the quality. The set I have now is the set out of the ranger. Its a componet set that you plug into a regular set of stereo wires. Wire them up and the power goes to a crossover and then sends the sound to the mids and tweets. I never installed them in my Jetta because I loved the factory system enough.

So what I was thinking is I either replace the front speakers with the set or replace the rear speakers with this set.
Now I have never replaced speakers in a car that already had tweeters in them. Are the tweeters on their own set of wires, or are they wired in with the mids just like the set I have? While the idea of installing them in the rear is tempting so that I can have a 8-speaker stereo I am kinda iffy on cutting holes in my rear door panels. I am also concerend about how I would go about wiring them up in the front since there are already tweeter. If I install them in the front do I just remove the factory speakers and wire the others using the factory wires, or do I want to use the crossover that came with the set? if I do that where do I wire them up? Do I need to just wire them into the mids wireing or do I need to trace back and fine out where the mids and tweets come together? Do they even come together or are they wired seperatly at the radios harness?

Also I realize that I should amp the speakers for better quality. This I don't plan to do. Currently I am happy with what I get outta the stereo. Maybe in the future I will delv more into the stereo. I do plan a amp and sub-woofer since I still have mine from the Ranger. I will have to upgrade the box because its a pick-up truck box. Good enough for a truck but I know it will sound better in a bigger box.
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