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Questions for the wheel and tire guru's

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I just bought some used snow tires and had them mounted today, well, long story short, I don't like the way they did it & want to switch the driver side rear tire with the driver side front. Will this mess up the automatic tire pressure sensors? When the tires are rotated does the computer have to be adjusted for the new location or does this even make a difference? Ok thats Question 1, Now question 2. I am thinking about buying new rims "probably used" in the spring, do I have to have the tire pressure sensors in the new rims? I don't mind the sensors, I just don't want to spend the money right now, I would rather wait until I get a job. So if I put new rims on, will I get a constant alarm from the pressure sensor? or have to have costly work done to turn the sensors on and off?

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rotating the tires has no effect on the tire sensor - they are set off by a drop in pressure in one or more tires that results in approximately 3lb - 6lbs difference in tire pressure from the other tires... just be sure to have the proper front and rear pressure set...

you can go without the sensors, but an alarm light will be lit on the dash... i have seen post of people who have covered the light, but that might be hard to get at...
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