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Racing seat.

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Hello, I am wanting to get a racing seat for my 09 Scion xB. I have found a buddy club seat. First, can I use the stock seats bracket & slider or do I need to get aftermarket parts? & if the stock parts won't work with the racing seat, what bracket should I get? Thanks!
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The only way to keep the airbag is to find a racing seat with airbag. $$$$$$
Try the FRS or Tc seats. Both will need some custom fabrication with the brackets. I also noticed that the new Corolla S and rav 4 have pretty sporty seats that seem pretty comfortable. Might be tough finding them used though.

I understand you want a sportier looking seat, me too, but if it is more about comfort you could always just get seats from a 2011+ xb. They changed the seats and from what I hear are much more comfortable. I have no complaints about mine. They would be a straight swap. Still no lumbar adjustment but you could always get an aftermarket one installed.
All depends on what needs to happen to get it to fit. If the seat rails are the same width, you could just swap rails. If not, you would need to fab brackets. Then the strength all comes down to what design materials you use. If in doubt, find a shop that does this stuff.
I believe someone on here got the alarm system for around $200 and it's super easy to install.
If you get it from trdsparks they usually have installation instructions. Most of the time it's the same instructions the Toyota techs use.
1 - 8 of 19 Posts
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