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Racing seat.

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Hello, I am wanting to get a racing seat for my 09 Scion xB. I have found a buddy club seat. First, can I use the stock seats bracket & slider or do I need to get aftermarket parts? & if the stock parts won't work with the racing seat, what bracket should I get? Thanks!
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Honest question: why?

Is this going to be a track-only car? The stock seat is reasonably comfortable, and you'll be losing an airbag by removing it.
You might look into the IS350 front seats. I'm sure you would have to do some modification and/or make new brackets, but they would look amazing. You would also gain power adjustments (to my knowledge the xB has never been available in the US with power seats)

Edit: damnit, now I'm looking into this. Not something I had planned on, but...
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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