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Racing seat.

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Hello, I am wanting to get a racing seat for my 09 Scion xB. I have found a buddy club seat. First, can I use the stock seats bracket & slider or do I need to get aftermarket parts? & if the stock parts won't work with the racing seat, what bracket should I get? Thanks!
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Honest question: why?

Is this going to be a track-only car? The stock seat is reasonably comfortable, and you'll be losing an airbag by removing it.
Well, I did not know about losing the airbag. The stock seat, for me can make the back side sore on longer sitting times. But losing the airbag is probably a deal breaker on a new seat.
Is there any factory scion seat that is sportier then the xBs? That should work with the airbag. Right?
I can look around & see if I can find any of those seats. Does a first gen tC have sportier seats or 2nd gen?
How much modification would it take to get the tC or other toyota/Lexus/Scion seats to work? & would they be strong enough in a crash if they've been modified?
Well, right now I have a choice, toyota alarm system or new seats. They both are around $400.
I believe someone on here got the alarm system for around $200 and it's super easy to install.
How easy is easy? I like working on cars, but I don't know everything. & I have found the toyota alarm for around $215.
Like plug and play easy.
I really should learn more car repair and work. Doing it ourselves would save around $200. Is there instructions somewhere to install the alarm?
1 - 8 of 19 Posts
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