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Rear airbag mounting

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hello all, I need help
mathxb shipped me these airbags almost a year ago now and Im finally trying to mount them.

has anyone used these or give me advice a to how these would mount on the rear? Im thinking I need to make some brackets somehow to make these work.

I didnt realize untill now that these weren't the bags I was expecting. The rear bags that should have been with this kit look like the one on the far left of this picture

any help would be appreciated
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So really just put them in place without any bolts same as stick spring? That makes me nervous as the stock springs are a bit taller than these.
And yes that was a picture of the kit I should have got. The front are right but the rears are wrong. I never noticed as I got them end of last summer and didnt want to install them untill after winter

also, should i find some kind of rubber gasket to put there as to not have metal on metal or do you (or anyone else) think it matters?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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