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I was "browsing" SparksTRD's website and noticed that have that bar above the rear plate and below the Scion logo in various colors.
As a number of these aren't stock body shades, as far as I can tell, I thought a few would find this interesting.

Also, if they ARE supposed to be stock shades . . .
Would the "maroon" be intended to be the Blackberry or the RS 6 shade?
Or, maybe, just a nice contrasting shade for the silver, black, or the gold . . .

Anyone notice this before?

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Eric said:
The paint color code for the "Maroon Mica" is 3N0, which is the same as Blackberry Crush Metallic.

You can see how they match up here:
Thanks. Funny how "Blackberry Crush" is called maroon, brown, and purple.
-- Sounds like a burgundy to me . . .
Black Sand Pearl - 0209
Blackberry Crush Metallic - 03N0
Classic Silver Metallic - 01F7
Hypnotic Teal Mica - 08U3
Nautical Blue Metallic - 08S6 (discontinued)
Super White - 0040
RS 5.0 - Gold Rush Mica - 0580
Stingray Metallic - 08T4 (New for 2009)

The hatch bars/back door garnish:
Back Door Garnish - Super White 040 (Super White)
Back Door Garnish - Silver Metalic 1F7 (Classic Silver)
Back Door Garnish - Black Mica 209 (Black Pearl)
Back Door Garnish - Maroon Mica 3N0 (Blackberry Crush)
Back Door Garnish - Special Edition Yellow 580 (Gold Rush)
Back Door Garnish - Dark Blue Mica 8S6 (Nautical Blue)
Back Door Garnish - Silent Blue Metallic 8U3 (Hypnotic Teal)
Back Door Garnish - Blue Metalic 8T4 (Stingray)

I guess no hints at the RS 6 . . .

Anyways . . .
I found it interesting that now one could mix-and-match stock color parts for an accent.
That makes interesting possibilities for customization.
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