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rear view mirrors

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Are mirrors like this played out?

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nah.. i always use one. I dont like the super wide ones but the 240mm is cool. I posted pix of my ride on like 5 forums and the question people ask the most is whats that rear view mirror thing you have? haha.. so yea its not played out. Id stay with a brand like Broadway over going with a taiwan brand like OBX... just cuz for $5.00 difference why bother.

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I guess those two posted above serve a different purpose - the first one is brighter for those who have darker tint and the blue one cuts out glare of bright headlights. Would you recommend not getting the blue one if you have tint? Would that darken the reflection too much at night?
no it doesnt make that much difference at all.. ive had both before, the blue is a lil more helpful if u drive a lot at night otherwise its about the same. the also make convex ones that give u a fish-eye type of view
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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