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10/06/2017 I have a 2008 Scion Xb with low mileage -less than 8000 miles. Today while backing out of a parking spot in a Costco parking lot my rear window suddenly shattered. I was completely astonished. I stopped immediately and got out to look, wondering if I had hit something but there was nothing to hit. A man in a stopped vehicle who was waiting for me to finish backing out saw my rear window break, and it did make a loud noise as the entire glass panel burst into thousands of small pieces and a large center area fell our partly inside and partly outside the vehicle. I was completely baffled as there was no sign of a projectile nor even a clear preference of any force being from the outside or inside as far as the fallen glass indicated. A Costco employee came over to ask what happened and I said I had no idea why it burst into a mass of tiny pieces. He mentioned that perhaps there may be something about this type of car, Scion Xb, as a friend of his had had one and one day when he put something in the back and closed the hatchback the same thing happened, the whole glass window seemed to burst into a thousand pieces.
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