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Recieving 2009 xB tuesday

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Hello, xB is accually my wife's but she won't join facebook much less forum. Will be picking up tomorrow. It is two tone silver over black, haven't seen any like it and don't see option on "build it" so how many twotones are there? Will post photo when I can.
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Im thinking of doing mine 2 tone, black and orange. Lets see some pics when you get it!
If it's 2-tone, it's gotta be a custom paint job. Oh boy, you HAVE to post pictures!!!!!

Wife is picking up this AM. Will have pics tonight when I get home from work. This was vehicle used by one of the managers @ Classic in Tyler, Thought it was custom paint but wasn't sure.
That is sweet!

Thanks, it caught our eye. Really like the way it breaks the image of a box :rolleyes:
Nice paint job
Look REAL good!

That was a paint scheme I was hoping someone would try . . . reminiscent of the old 2-tone VW bus splities.
I'm glad someone did it. I really, really like it.
ive got some wheels for sale that would look sick with that paint... check out the classifieds under 18" Maas R wheels and tires
That looks sweeeeeeeeet!!! Welcome and good luck with your new ride! 8)
Thanks for all your comments. :D xbomb, my wife doesn't care for large wheels and low profile tires so don't think she will be going that direction, sorry. :(
remove the A pillar tape, that will make the entire top white, rather than mostly white with black A pillars. I think that would look great.
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