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I have an '08 xB with over 108,000 miles that I plan on keeping 'til the wheels fall off! Every major service interval was performed by my dealership during the 100,000 mile warranty period. Now that the warranty is expired I plan to perform a lot of the maintenance myself.

It's about time to service the brake system. My project will include upgrading the brake lines to stainless steel, fluid flushed to DOT 5.1, resurfaced rotors, TRD pads, painting and reconditioning the calipers. I have researched this project to find the best and easiest way to get it done.

I've purchased all the hardware kits and a set of used front & rear calipers (the rears were hard to find!). The calipers will get painted high-heat silver and clearcoated, for easy cleaning, before I recondition them.

When I purchased the front & rear cylinder kits, to my suprise, they included the ever elusive Toyota Rubber Grease. I had tried to order this OEM grease the backordered waiting list was 4 - 6 months. The front kit came with one pink pack, which is the Toyota Rubber Grease recommended for the caliper guide pins. The rear kit came with one (1) pink pack and one (1) orange pack of grease. I have no clue what the orange grease is used for.

I'm hoping a Toyota service tech or knowledgeable member can enlighten me on this issue before I get started.

When I get started on this project I will try to take pics or possible create a DIY guide. (Probably need some help with that, too!)

I've included a pic of the front & rear cylinder kits for reference:

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