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What's up guys!

Just a forum newbie here with a nifty DIY article to share with you guys. If you're anything like me and detest the stock steering wheel then you'll benefit from this walk-through documenting how to remove it. Replacement instructions are typically included with replacement steering wheels but should you need help with the installation process then I can possibly post up a thread about steering wheel installation :)

Anywhoo, without further ado here is the procedure:

**Reference Material**
Scion xB steering wheel and shaft diagram

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable and wait at least 90 seconds before proceeding to disarm the SRS system.

2. Make sure the vehicle’s front wheels are facing straight ahead

3. Remove horn button/air bag unit, as follows:

a) Place the front wheels facing straight ahead.

b) Using a T30 Torx® socket wrench, loosen the 2 Torx® screws until the groove along the screw circumference catches on the screw case.

c) Pull out the horn button from the steering wheel and support the horn button with your hand.

d) Using a screwdriver, disconnect the horn button connectors.

e) Disconnect the horn connector.

f) Remove the horn button and position it aside in a safe place.

4. Remove steering wheel as follows:

a) Disconnect the electrical connector.

b) Remove the steering wheel set nut.

c) Matchmark the installed position of the steering wheel and main shaft.

d) Use a suitable puller to remove the steering wheel. This may take some muscle so make sure that you're pumped up and ready to take a whack (or pull) at it :boxing:

Welp folks, that's pretty much the entire steering wheel removal process. Let me know if I missed anything! :cheers:
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