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I'm weird about letting the grab-assy kids at the Quik-E-Loob change my oil, too. I have marked filters I installed, had the Loobsters change my oil, and then found the same marked filter there when I did it myself again. Heck, I like to do as much of the maintenance & repair work as I can, just so I know it's done right.

Sounds liike the splash shield under the car will be a minor pain to deal with, but trust me when i tell you it'll be a piece of cake compared to my current MINI Cooper S. (xB is pending delivery on Monday, 9/22) BMW/LandRover/MINI were kind enough to use an old fashioned canister oil filter, AND to place the canister on the back of the engine next to the exhaust manifold (see:blazing hot) AND sandwiched in so tightly that the special 36mm shallow socket & 1/2" drive ratchet can only do about 1/4 turn at a time. Then they made the canister lid next to impossible to re-thread, too. LOF on my MINI takes me about an hour, 30-40 minutes of which is spent trying to re-thread the farking canister while resisting the urge to beat the car with a torque wrench in frustration.

Rhino Ramps rock, by the way. Only commercial ramps that fit under a lowered MINI, and they save me ALL kinds of time & aggravation. They are rated to something like 10k pounds, so you could park a Ford Excursion on them without breaking them. They will continue to be put to good use with my xB.

Also, having worked as a tire/oil/brake monkey at a real live service station during college in the early 90's, I can tell you that the splash guard blocking the oil filter is nothing new. It's just a heckuva lot easier to deal with when the car is on a lift & you have air tools at hand. Having a little door cut into it for the filter, however, is not something I have experienced before. We just always had to remove the whole splash guard on cars like that.
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