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My last .. no, next-to-last.. experience with getting oil changed in my former ride left me LIVID.
After I get home from the place (quickie-Lube) and let my car sit for a while, I need to go out
again, and as I Iook at the driveway as I back out, I see a puddle of oil right under where the
engine was not 10 seconds ago. Crawling under, I see oil dripping off the drain plug. And then
it dawns on me, I shouldn't be able to see the drain plug, but I can because the morons forgot
to replace my skid plate. So I go back and complain about the leak and my missing part. They
have to order me a new plate because they tossed it, and re-do the oil change. Fast-forward
to the last oil change on my Beetle, and the guy at the garage tells me "Hey, you know you have
a Ford drain plug in your oil pan?"

Just found out Friday that the folks I sold it to had to get the pan replaced because of the drain plug.

Anyway, that's not even my point in posting. I'm pretty certain that, for at least VWs, they (dealer)
don't drain out the oil, they suck it out throught the filler tube. Special pump and hose is used. Makes
me wonder if Scion is supposed to do it that way as well.
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