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Phew! I looked at the title of this thread quickly and thought the topic was "Removing underpants for oil change".

Never mind.

However...I can't think of a less gratifying DIY maintenance task than changing the oil in your car. Unless you ar driving some kind odd or unusual vehicle, or live in the middle of nowhere, it just isn't worth the effort. I stopped doing it when I sold my last MG. I'd had enough of the jacking it up-wrestling with the filter-fishing the drain plug out of a pan of hot oil-seating the filter gasket-banging my head on the suspension-skinning my knuckles when a wrench slipped-cleaning up the mess and trying to figure out what to do with the used oil routine. Besides, with an MG there were plenty of other tasks to keep me busy.

The dealer will take care of the first two oil changes on the xB for free. After that I'll use the quicky lube place (and occasionally the dealer). It'll cost about thirty bucks and take fifteen minutes. I'll decline their offers for wiper blades, fuel injector cleaner treatments and air filter replacements, and after I get home, I'll double check their work. Granted, some of these places are pretty dismal. You need to check them out before you take your ride there. Avoid the ones that are staffed by kids playing grab-*** and get to know the technicians when you find a professional shop that does good work..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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