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Replacement key?

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I got my xb2 wrecked, and just realized that it only has a spare"ish" key. I was curious what I could do (short of going to toyota and giving them $300.00 for a key) to get the original key with the lock/unlock buttons on it. I know its not a big deal for most....but I've never had a car that can do that before, and I REALLY want it!! Any ideas?

Also, Im guessing from a quick forum search that the best place to get the Ipod cable is ebay?
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For the ipod cable . . .
Ask in the classifieds, w/ a WTB (want to buy). People will likely offer you one. My original had a problem and I got a replacement from a forum member that way.

For the key . . .
By a blank, and look for the programming instructions (saw them somewhere, but NO IDEA now- remember, Google search is your friend . . . )
Then have the key cut-to-match.
I usually use copies of the original key, so as the electric one doesn't set off the alarm/panic or unlock on accident. Also, I tend to keep an original key unused, so I will have a good one to make new copies as old ones wear w/ age.
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