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RideMakerz: xB, Special Edition

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Looking to see if anyone would be interested in a RideMakerz: Scion xB 2008-2010 body style.

These models were discontinued about 2 years ago.
Here are the details...

Condition: Brand New
Color: Lava Orange
Wheels: Special Edition FIVE:AD wheels.
Note: Not R/C, with Remix Sound Card included.

PM me if interested....


Front View

Rear View

New in Package
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Sorry man, but what is it if its not an R/C car? I've never seen it before. What all does it do? How much are you looking to get for them?
i think it's just a model with lights. the company was similar to build a bear. where they had a few stores, you would go in and buy the base model and then add on the up sells.
Yes... These were made for RideMakerz. It is like Build-a-Bear but for guys. LoL
They have a website... But you won't see these in there.... They are only mentioned since hey were discontinued... But you can still buy the accessories for it... Like under car light bars, muffler tips, etc...
Back in 2008 every person that attended the Longo Triathalon got one for free. you push down on the hood and it revs up and all the lights flash you press it one more time and it sounds like a car alarm just got activated. i have a flat black one in pieces since my daughter who is 3 years old decided to destroy it
Sorry... Price... $40 + shipping
Selling fast... Please PM me if interested.
Sorry if you missed it... I am all out of RideMakerz. Thank you.

Then, closed
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