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Rim Choices... Help!

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Alright team, I'm starting to look at pricing out my rims here and I've come up with a few that I like and I'd like your opinions!

These are a couple.. to let you know what I like, I really like a thick 5 or 6 spoke design overall... I don't like chrome lips if the rest of the rim is black or another colour... I want my rim all one color... I'd LOVE a nice set of bronze or dusted gold rims... let me know if you guys have any suggestions as well!!
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I really like the first ones you posted. I am a huge fan of five spokes. I love gold/bronze as well, but only on bright blue cars and sometimes black. I though like the whole black with silver lip. Again though only on certian cars. Silver cars look good and white ones as well. Black ones they just don't pop they sort of dissapear. Plus around here everyone freakin has black with silver lip (yes even me) but it doesn't work on every vehical.
i like the Axis decade wheel the best!

take a look at some of the wheels i have found that fit the xB:
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