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So I ended up doing it myself with help from my dad, the installation did not take long at all and its pretty simple and self explanatory. It came with self sealing screws. The screws are wrapped in a sort of rubbery substance that seals the hole when you drill it into the roof, its raining like crazy down here in southern california and its not leaking one bit, thats one thing im definately not afraid of. The closest place i found that would install the rack for me was about 2 hours away and I was definately not going to drive all the way down there.. haha. It comes with instructions so incase you got a little lost you have something to refer to. And the bars are customizable to fit any size roof, it fits the scion xb perfectly!!
Surprisingly as well I dont hear a single bit of wind noise while im driving, even while on the freeway.
Any chance you are still monitoring this thread in 2022? I am a new-to-me owner of an xB here in SoCal and am very curious how this rail install has held up. Thanks.
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