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MikeAndAnnie said:
Hi all.
Just got my xb2 and love it *except* it is a pretty rough ride. More than I expected.
I have driven used 2-door tercels the past 25 years (just 2 of them in that period - talk about reliable!), and the xB actually seems a little rougher than those
Will this smooth out a lot/a little/not at all as it gets broken in?
Would changing to gas-pressurized rear shocks help any?
- Mike
my number one solution for ride comfort is tire pressure adjustment!

Scion recommends 35psi front and 32psi rear [cold] - i am running mine at 34psi front and 31psi rear [cold] and feel it is pretty comfortable now... so try that and see how it works for you...

one thing i have noticed is that the xB is kinda like roadster [someone said it was like driving an italian sports car] - you tend to feel the road when it is a bit more bumpy than normal...
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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