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When I bought my xB two weeks ago the tire pressure was 40psi in all four tires from the dealer. I have since adjusted it to 38 front and 35 rear. I like a firm ride but wanted to keep the air pressure balanced so I went about 10% over the recommended pressure. I am a stickler for checking tire pressure and do it monthly. I would suggest that everyone get a GOOD tire pressure gauge and keep it in the glove box and check pressure regularly. As for the ride getting a little softer as you put more miles on it, I would say yes it should. That is because the springs and shocks/struts will break in a little. I've contacted KYB, Koni, Tokico, and Monroe about after market shocks for the rear and none of them have anything at this time. In fact they all seemed to not be too interested in the new xB's. I was told six months to two years depending on who I talked to. I know the stock rear shocks are made by KYB but the person I talked to did not want to even try and help me with a part number that I could maybe reference to another manufactures shock. I am wondering who makes the TRD shocks and struts for our car?

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