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If I have the time in auto-correct mode, the time is messed up. The time on the map screen is fine. But on the tuner and iPod screens it is off 3 hours. I called Pioneer and they said it is a known issue in states with multiple time zones. Most of Indiana is EST, but my little corner is CST. Pioneer has a fix, but it is bundled with the 2010 map update which is $120. So to get the unit to work as it is supposed to, I have to pay $120! When I argued the point, the tech on the phone just gave me a bunch of BS. For example: "It's supposed to work that way." Oh really, it's supposed to tell me the wrong time?

It finally dawned on me that since the HU came from Scion, they should fix it under warranty. I called the number in the warranty book and explained the situation to a very nice rep. I was on hold a few minutes while she checked with her boss. She came back and said that I should go ahead and buy the update and Scion would reimburse me. :D

What a difference in customer service experiences. Yet another reason I love my xB. Pioneer, on the other hand, cheaped out on what should have been a free update to fix their programming error. I don't plan to ever buy anything with the name Pioneer. I'm already disappointed that the MSN Direct service the nav. system uses will be discontinued in Dec. I really enjoyed the auto route recalculation to avoid traffic congestion on my vacation a few weeks ago.

I'm sure Pioneer uses the same software in several nav systems so anyone with an AVIC might want to double check the time. If you turn off auto-correct and set the time zone yourself it is ok until you drive into a different time zone. I live 30 minutes from the time zone border though, and want the clock to change when I travel.
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