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rs7 owner outside philly.

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So I never know what to write in here.

Got my xb last august, since put 14k miles on it. So far not bad, love the gas milage coming from v8s this things great.

I use it for a work car as I'm a nanny of triplets. Girls love the purple. Nothing really done to it besides oem option. I don't have any major goals though since it I my work car. Dream would be the trd supercarger kit if I could find one.

So, hi.
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welcome! seems you like to go fast!>>>> i wanted an s/c kit myself, but it was discountinued before i could save up the coins. if you find one, get a good tuner to install it. you'll be running "premium" from that point forward.

let us know what oem options you have installed. i would recommend a clear bra, if you don't already have one.
hids and leds for ur interior...welcome btw:)
welcome! love the RS 7, one of my favorite RS models
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