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Rumion Tail lights on XB

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Hi, I just bought a 09 XB and one thing I have been doing research on is the Rumion Tail lights. I found some posts on that. Some said it is a direct fit, some said the Rumion lights are slightly bigger. And some said if you put the Rumion tail lights on the XB without getting the Rumion bumper together, it would have a little gap between the bumper and the lights where they meet.

I only found couple photos on line that the Rumion lights on XB so far and they looked fine to me but they are not super close up photo so I can't tell. And some one was saying he put a filler to fill the gap but then he never explained what it was.

I even e-mailed to the guy in Japan and he told me the "gap" thing is not in his data.

If any one out there has the Rumion tail lights installed on their XB without changing the bumper, please let me know, and a photo would be very helpful. I wish company like the TYC Tail lights has a back up lights on would be perfect.

Many thanks!!!
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i personally don't know why you wouldn't want the bumper too...since there are backup lights in the taillights...and the one on the xB bumper would pretty much become obsolete...just my opinion...but agree with Eviljack in that they are an exact match...but cooler! ;)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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