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Rvinyl Dash Kits

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Has anyone bought/installed any Rvinyl dash kits? I am wanting to start modifying my xB and need somewhere to start. Is the installation process pretty easy? Also, is the product good?
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galon98 said:
Thanks for the replies. I didn't know that the vinyl pieces weren't that great. I am wanting to change the interior but not to something that really stands out. I like having a subtle but sleek look to it. I also like the way that carbon fiber looks. If I did paint my panel/dash pieces I don't know what color I would paint them. I also don't want to pay too much for my modifications. If I did paint them is there any colors that people would suggest or have tried? Also, what kind of paint would I use. I read on some posts that people use Krylon. Would that leave an odor in the cabin? Being new to this I really don't know where to start.
Absolutely don't change anything at all blindly! Wanting to change something isn't a good enough reason to make a change. You need to have at least a reasonable vision of how you want it to look before you commit cash to anything. Spend time looking at photos and thinking about what would really work well for you, personally. Just because somebody else likes something is no reason to suppose that's something you should do. Mods can make your car perfect for you, but they can also result in something you really don't like at all.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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