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Rvinyl Dash Kits

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Has anyone bought/installed any Rvinyl dash kits? I am wanting to start modifying my xB and need somewhere to start. Is the installation process pretty easy? Also, is the product good?
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Thanks for the replies. I didn't know that the vinyl pieces weren't that great. I am wanting to change the interior but not to something that really stands out. I like having a subtle but sleek look to it. I also like the way that carbon fiber looks. If I did paint my panel/dash pieces I don't know what color I would paint them. I also don't want to pay too much for my modifications. If I did paint them is there any colors that people would suggest or have tried? Also, what kind of paint would I use. I read on some posts that people use Krylon. Would that leave an odor in the cabin? Being new to this I really don't know where to start.
Thanks for the input guys. I checked out and the products on there look pretty good. It's pricier than Rvinyl but I guess you get what you pay for. Also, the kits come with more pieces so that's always a plus. Has anyone used any of the dash kits they sell on
After looking at the dash kits at Carid I decided to order the carbon fiber kit. Not the real CF but the synthetic material version. It was shipped yesterday so hopefully I will get it before the weekend. I also ordered the dark smoke head/taillight kits as well from Rvinyl. I actually got them off of ebay and it came out about $4 cheaper than if I bought it from It was off the rvinyl ebay store so I know I won't get screwed over. I ordered weathertech visors as well. I'm pretty stoked about all this. I never modified a vehicle before and it's exciting to put some personal touches on my xB.
I got the black Carbon Fiber. I want to keep my interior as dark a spossible. I'm also thinking about picking up some Black CF wraps from rvinyl to do the door panels/A,B and C pillars and the trunk area. I saw it some other post in here and I think it looks really good. It ties into keeping my car sleek and subtle. Kind of nervous about having to remove all the plastic parts though. Do you guys think it will work/look the same if I just used the wraps without disassembling the panels/pillars, etc.? I'm also think about re-doing the door panel fabric to a dark gray argyle print. Once I get the parts in I will definetly take some pictures and post them on here.
I got my light kits and window visors on Friday. Still waiting to install them due to the weather. It might be forever considering I don't have a garage and live in Oregon. My dash kit from won't be shipped until next week Friday even though I purchased them this past week. I guess patience is a virtue right?
I'm also looking into changing the fabric on the door panels. Has anyone done this? I know there were a couple of posts in DIY section but it explained taking the whole door panel off to do this despots the actual stock fabric section does not come out at all. Is it possible to cover up the fabric with another choice without taking the door panel off? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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