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Rvinyl Dash Kits

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Has anyone bought/installed any Rvinyl dash kits? I am wanting to start modifying my xB and need somewhere to start. Is the installation process pretty easy? Also, is the product good?
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galon98 - Aljay is totally right.

I took advantage of their holiday sale and tried out the carbon fiber dash trim. The texture is great, but the pieces are super thin, making installation harder than it needs to be. I also bought the aluminum dash trim for my wife's Camry, and it was even worse. Fitment is close, but not perfect. But shouldn't you expect perfect from a dash kit? I think so.

I second on going high end. Try
Aljay said:
I know someone that bought the carid stuff it is top notch. LOL 09 igloo I did the carbon fiber from R vinyl. I still need to take off the shifter surround and the part around the a/c controls. I might do some sort of painting on mine I am not in a good position to get the carbon fiber stuff from carid yet.
Yeah man, what a waste. I put the tinted tail light kit on my wife's Camry and it turned out great, like the tail light kit for my XB. It's a shame that the dash kits don't hold the same quality. I'm like you, haven't removed everything yet... I find myself peeling away at the kit when I'm stuck at a signal light. :p

I was about to order the car id kit, among other things, but my water heater flooded the condo. Good times.
galon98 said:
After looking at the dash kits at Carid I decided to order the carbon fiber kit. Not the real CF but the synthetic material version. It was shipped yesterday so hopefully I will get it before the weekend. I also ordered the dark smoke head/taillight kits as well from Rvinyl. I actually got them off of ebay and it came out about $4 cheaper than if I bought it from It was off the rvinyl ebay store so I know I won't get screwed over. I ordered weathertech visors as well. I'm pretty stoked about all this. I never modified a vehicle before and it's exciting to put some personal touches on my xB.
sounds like you're off to a good start with the mods! Make sure you take pictures of the dash kit!
BTW, did you get the standard black CF, or did you go with a color?

Oh, and for the Rvinyl light tint, make sure you use a good squeegee and a heat gun/hair dryer. I'm sure others here are better at it than i am, but those two things really made the difference for me. I have the same tail light kit and love it. Good luck!
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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