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Rvinyl Dash Kits

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Has anyone bought/installed any Rvinyl dash kits? I am wanting to start modifying my xB and need somewhere to start. Is the installation process pretty easy? Also, is the product good?
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galon98 said:
I got the black Carbon Fiber. I want to keep my interior as dark a spossible. I'm also thinking about picking up some Black CF wraps from rvinyl to do the door panels/A,B and C pillars and the trunk area. I saw it some other post in here and I think it looks really good. It ties into keeping my car sleek and subtle. Kind of nervous about having to remove all the plastic parts though. Do you guys think it will work/look the same if I just used the wraps without disassembling the panels/pillars, etc.? I'm also think about re-doing the door panel fabric to a dark gray argyle print. Once I get the parts in I will definetly take some pictures and post them on here.
Did you get your dash kit done? I'm beginning a project myself, but am going an entirely differant route. I have amost of the enterior panels off of another XB, and might want to sell some wrapped ones......
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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