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Maybe this will help a few of you make up your minds...

Remember there is NO REGISTRATION FEE for EXPO.
The Event will include FREE FOOD and a FREE T-SHIRT (for each registered Scion owner.)

We have increased the amount of award categories for this show. We will have 31 different classes


Each of the winners in each class will be getting a CASH PRIZE along with their trophy. (Except Scion Pro classes - Those are dealership or sponsored vehicles only, they don't need more money! lol)

Here is a list of the Awards Categories:
Best of Show $250.00
1st Place Best xA $100.00
2nd Place Best xA $75.00
3rd Place Best xA $50.00
1st Place Best xB $100.00
2nd Place Best xB $75.00
3rd Place Best xB $50.00
1st Place Best tC $100.00
2nd Place Best tC $75.00
3rd Place Best tC $50.00
1st Place Best New Gen xB $100.00
2nd Place Best New Gen xB $75.00
3rd Place Best New Gen xB $50.00
1st Place Best xD $100.00
2nd Place Best xD $75.00
3rd Place Best xD $50.00
Scion Pro Class 1st place ----------
Scion Pro Class 2nd place ----------
Scion Pro Class 3rd Place ----------
Dealers Choice 1st $100.00
Dealers Choice 2nd $75.00
Dealers Choice 3rd $50.00
Best Baby Scion $75.00
Best ICE $75.00
Best JDM $75.00
Best Neon $75.00
Best Female Scion Ride $75.00
Hotest Scion Car Club $100.00
Best Team Representation $100.00
Best Team Participation $100.00
Longest Drive $50.00
Best Scion Toy Collection $100.00
The Richard Award $50.00
Syrup Shots 1st Place Winner $50.00
Syrup Shots 2nd Place Winner $25.00
Syrup Shots 3rd Place Winner $0.00
Dance-off Winner $300.00
RC Car Races 1st Place Winner $50.00
RC Car Races 2nd Place Winner $25.00
RC Car Races 3rd Place Winner $0.00

Here is more Info on the events of the day:


There are 20 spots open on a first come first serve basis. No matter what, you have to keep your feet moving cause the last one standing will win $300.00! Come to the Dance-off booth to register for your chance to win those $300.00!

Syrup Shot Contest

There are 5 spots for this contest open on a first come first serve basis. The syrup shots will be served warm and whoever takes the most shots in 5 minutes wins! 1st place takes a nice $50.00 Cash Prize, 2nd place gets $25.00 and 3rd place gets a nice pat on the back!

Scion R/C Car Races

If you have a Scion RC Car that you’d like to race, bring it with you to Scion Expo 2008. There will be a total of 15 spots (registration on a first come, first serve basis) in the tournament. MUST be a SCION RC Car NO OTHER MAKES ALLOWED. Everyone will be numbered 1-15 & the first two participants will be randomly drawn to start against each other. $50.00 goes to 1st place $25.00 goes to 2nd place and 3rd place gets a nice little ribbon to take home. Can your Scion RC car beat the rest?

And last but not least, don't forget the 610 CRUISE.....

If you have been living under a rock and you haven't seen the video from last year, go HERE --->

We are working on getting a list together of what will be raffled off as well. Soon as I get all the raffle items on lock, and an updated flyer, I'll post those up as well!



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