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Scion Factory 2011 + 2012 Radios -

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For Sale:

Scion Factory Radio from my 2011 xB. Mint condition. Head Unit harness.
$90 Shipped USPS Priority Mail to Contintental US

2012 Factory Scion Radio pulled from a 2012 xB. Bought it from a friend intending to put it in my 2011, but decided on an Alpine instead. Mint condition. Head unit harness.
$150 Shipped USPS Priority Mail to Contintental US

PM or email me if interested.

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Don't think so....antenna connector on 2012 is it has a mic connector'd need an adapter.
Don't think HD has anything to do with it...the Alpine unit I put in my 2011 has only the "standard" bayonet antenna connector and it receives HD just fine.

Alternatively, the second mini connector could be for a bluetooth antenna, but I kind of doubt it...I'm guessing that's right behind the units faceplate....they are really tiny.

Here's a pic of the back of the 2012 head unit...the antenna/mike connections are at the extreme right. Looks like they are SMA type connectors...easy enough to find.

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Here you go...back of the 2011 Head Unit:

The two square white jacks on the left are the ones that do almost all of the work. They are identical on the 2011 and 2012 factory head units..although they are flipped 180 degrees...that's why they look different at first blush...they are EXACTLY the same.

The smaller square gray jack below them and to the right is the iPod/USB connector. On the 2012 it's above them.

The almost square white jack to the right of center is for the factory XM radio kit. Don't know what the one to the right of it is for...I've never seen them hooked up to anything.

All the way on the far right is the antenna connector jack.

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1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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