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Scion FR-S Redefines Sex Appeal [2011 NYAS]

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Easily the most anticipated debut of the 2011 New York Auto Show, Scion has just released its new FR-S Concept, based on the Toyota FT-86.

Powered by a boxer 4-cylinder donated by Subaru, but using a Toyota direct-injection system Scion is promising sufficient power with "surprising" fuel economy.

Described by Scion boss Jack Hollis as the perfect car for weekend warriors, auto-crossers, drifters and track junkies, the FR-S promises an even mixture of balance, managable power and light weight. Helping keep in control of the package, the FR-S concept does come equipped with a limited slip differential.

Based on the Toyota FT-86 II Concept, the Scion model does away with some of that cars more extravagant design features to find a perfect medium between it and the original FT-86.

Toyota's version of the car is expected to be unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show this Fall and Scion will deliver a production version of the FR-S to dealers next year!

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<3 Beautiful. Did they mention price point?
not to hurt anyones feelings but first time i saw it thought it was a hyundai :)
looks like a mazda or a genesis
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