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Scion Navigation System Subwoofer Install DIY - W/ Nav Fix

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First post might as well be a DIY...

Disclaimer: Be Careful. Disconnect the battery before you start. If you break your nav system doing this... well, you did it wrong.

Helpful Links:
Toyota Hiring Harness Diagram - Look at the '87+ one (duh). Someone posted the old one somewhere else, kinda threw me off.
Line Output Converter- This is what I used

1) Pull out headunit. (If you can't get this far, stop, seriously, get someone else to do it)
Picture of back of HU (haven't found a good one anywhere else)

Plugs you'll use Left to Right...
[Left Most Plug]: 12v+ ignition wire used for trigger wire
[Next]: Rear Speaker Wires
[Next]: Contains Purple Wire to cut and put switch for Randode's Nav fix.
[Biggest Plug on Right]: Not used

[Top Plug]: Has red parking brake wire to be grounded, and green wire to be cut (Also only for Randode's Nav fix.)

2) You can go any which direction you want here, but lets just start with wiring the line output converter.
You need to/should tap into the rear speakers, so following the Wiring Harness Diagram above, find the Rear Right/Left speaker wires.

For you lazies it's in the plug with 5 wires:
White - Rear Right -
Red - Rear Right +
Yellow - Rear Left -
Black - Rear Left +

The Line output converter comes w/ a book for where to plug in each thing, but again:
A5 - Left+
A6 - Left-
A7 - Right+
A8 - Right-

3) Wire the trigger (or whatever you wanna call it) wire. The one that'll tell the amp to turn on. It goes to the Gray 12V+ Ignition Wire on the 10 pin plug.

Run the Power Wire from the battery. There's part of the wiring harness running through the firewall above the gas pedal. Cut the nipple off the part in the engine bay side, and shove the wire through there.

5) RCA Cables. Connect em to the Line Out Converter and run em to the trunk. [No picture]

6) Ground. There are several bolts in the trunk near the spare tire. Pick one.

Plug in the amp/sub/etc & test.

My ghetto rig for the moment (ignore that the carpet hadn't been put back down), need to build something sometime.

And some pictures for Randode's Nav System bypass (missing the last step, need my wife to tell me which is the purple wire - damn colorblindness :( )
UPDATE: Purple Wire found... It's in the connector w/o the Blue wire.

Red Parking break wire moved and grounded:

Green Wire to cut:

Cut Purple Wire and add a switch:

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