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Toyota/Scion of Grand Rapids is doing a show with an estimated 200,000 people in attendance this year.

It's primarily a "Scion"show, but any Toyota made vehicle is welcome to register, and it'd be cool to see some FJs!

Click on the link for more info!

Scion Overdrive 2008

For anyone who's considering attending/showing:
(for those of you who want to come and enjoy the show (without entering the competition), it's recommended that you register your vehicle anyway. Parking spaces are limited, and if you don't have a spot reserved, it may be hard to find a spot.)

If you are showing:
Prizes will be awarded for:
(scion classes)
Best xB (1st and second gen)
Best tC
Best xA/xD
(any toyota)
Best of show
Best Audio/Video
People's Choice
Best Wild
Best Mild

All cars to be shown MUST be made/manufactured by Toyota/Scion.
To guarantee a reserved spot on the lot, registration MUST be received prior to 08/21/2008
Once registered, all vehicles must be checked in by 10:30am. If you cannot be there at that time, please get your alternate arrival time approved in advance.
Judging will begin at 3pm.
Prizes/trophies will be awarded at or before 4pm.

Found out some of the prizes:
nintendo wii
pop-up sunroof
12inch subwoofers by jl-audii
and alot more!
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